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The countdown is on.......

Here are all the cool facts on the Sims 2 game, look out for weekly updates.

- Your sims will age through a, Baby, Toddler, Child, Teenager, Adult, and Old Age.

-  There are finally weekends and public holidays in the game.
-  You can choose what school a child attends.
- You can have twins and very rarely triplets.
- The Sims can get married and divorced.
- The whole game will be in 3D, Yee Haa.
- With the new CAS Create-A-Sim, you can create any kind or character you want with unique DNA.
-  There will be 600+ Objects, and you will also be able to create your own and import them into the game.
- You can turn off the aging feature if you dont wont your Sims to die.
- There will be a hospital.
-  You can kick your teenagers out if you please, the may come back and beg to be good to become part of the family again, or just come back begging for money.
- There will be places for Sims to buy new clothes & food! They will also have the option of owning a vacation home. That does not mean it will be like The Sims Vacation expansion. It is simply a second home owned by your Sim family to go on weekend holidays.
- Clothing articles will now be seperate from each other! Meaning that a pair of pants will be seperate from a shirt (stockings seperate from shoes, etc), creating alot more ways to mix & match!
- Objects will age over time just like your Sims & it will show over time. You will have the option of replacing or re-upholstering the furniture.
- Finally you can build three, yes three floors and an attic to top it all off, but you can't have basements, ohhhhh.
-  You can now place objects, windows and doors on a diagonal wall.
- There is an all new deck tool to make decks.
- You can now place hot tubs in the ground.
- If your sim children and teens have been bad they can be told off and sent to there room.
- They can have haircuts.
- The game will cost $99 in New Zealand. 

 - TS2 will have a completely new 3D environment. Making for better details, and imaging.

-  The animations will now be more smooth and life like.

 - The new AI will be much more realistic. Sims will turn their heads to look at eachother, or objects in the room, as they pass by. And they will also deal more appropriatly with situations. 

- Create mountains with the use of Simcity 4 terrain builder, build 3 story homes, put doors and windows on diagonal walls. Other new options include, bridges over water, raised porches/threshold, with just a few steps leading up to it. No more ground level only front porches and back decks. And now even more: Flat roofs the sims can walk on/roof top terraces, and Terraces over mummering brookes.

- The new sim calendar will work by the week. Meaning there will be a weekly calander of events kept (ie your kids birthday is next Monday, today is Tuesday).

- Now you can place cameras all around the room to capture a party, or anything else, from all angles.

- For adult sims, there will be 18 careers, with 10 levels each. For teen and old sims there will be 7 careers, with 3 levels each(whether they are the same for teen and old, is yet unknown). Also elderly sims will receive a pension upon retiring. One reported teen job is: "Filling chips at a fast food outlet." And when sims reach the top of their career track, they recieve a special career object. They can use this object to build their own skills, or train other sims.

- Yep now mommy and daddy will be able to hire a baby sitter to come watch the little ones while they go off to work.

- Now you will be able to create video as well as snap shot diaries of your sims life, and even add audio.

- DNA, and genetics will be a big part of TS2, allowing generational game play. Your sim parents will now pass traits down to their children. Things such as, eye color, body size, and personality are able to be passed down, as well as some career skills. And the degenerative DNA problem of real life won't affect your sims. Which means they can marry first cousins.

- New to TS2 will be the ability to create Aliens and Elves, as your little sim people, using the custom content tools.

- The family limit will still be set at 8. But new to TS2 is the ability to create all ages, except infant, in the create-a-sim area. So you could start out with a Mom, teen, and toddler if you wanted.

- Yes now the generation will be kept track of by a photo family tree, that you'll be able to access with a few simple clicks.

- You will now be able to interact with NPC's such as the Maid, and Pizza Boy, and even bring them into the family via marrige.

- Those who spend the most time, and possibly live, with the elderly sim before it dies will get a larger inheritance than anyone else.

New Zealand Release Info

Current Release Date: March, 25, 2004,
Rating: M15+
Boxshot: Unavaible